*Good News to Teachers on New CBA Talks, New Percentage Increments As Pushed Gets Revealed*

The teachers have always been up in arms when demanding for new salaries.Their demands in most cases have seen them boycott work while piling pressure on the employer to give them new salaries.


These demands initially would see the previous regime of the unions brush shoulders with the employer.Former Knut SG Wilson Sossion will never be forgotten on this for his quest for teachers’ welfare.


However,the new SG is determined to have a mutual working relstionship with the employer.


In July last year,teachers got greatly dissapointed when SRC announced that all CBAs had been postponed until later dates due to the hard economic times that the country was going through.


The Commission did this having signaled way back that the classroom teachers had been shortchanged in the 2017-2021 CBA

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