Good news to under graduate and post graduate students after HELB has made this major announcement

On their official Facebook page, HELB has offered good news to graduate students who wish to further their studies as they will continue getting loans form the higher education loans board (HELB).


The people who will benefit from the program are graduate students who have secured employment either formal or informal anywhere in the country.



The following are the requirements for first time application;-

1. A copy of admission letter from the institution you are going to further your education in.



2.Course recommendation letter from your employer which must be fully signed to show you have been approved to be given permission to further your education.


3.Original copies of your 3 months pay slips well stamped by bank.


4.Certified copies of your original national identity card (ID)


5.A copy of KRA pin certificate


6.A copy of two IDs from your guarantors whom they must be employed


7.Two Coloured passports


For first year, there funds will be disbursed as from next week so as to help them get fees.


A section of learners are going to miss out the allocation due to the low budgetary allocation of funds to helb by the treasury.


If you are employed and you want to further your studies you are encouraged to apply.

Education has no age let the sky be the limit.


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