Government Issues clarification on Denying Unvaccinated Kenyans Services

The National Task Force on Vaccine Deployment President, Willis Akhwale, clarified the matter, saying Kagwe’s statement was misunderstood.



Justifying the measures taken, while talking to Citizen TV on Tuesday 23 November, Akhwale said that the jab will not be mandatory.

He made it clear that the measures would be applicable only to those who wish to avail services in person, who would be required to produce a certificate to avail government services.


This means those who do not have any certificates will only get services online or through phone calls.


Akhwale said that Kagwe did not issue the threat, but instead set out agreed procedures on vaccine immunization.



There is no danger, secondly there has been a misunderstanding, if you go back to CS Kagwe’s speech he said personally. The measures announced by CS are measures that are very important in escalating the war against the pandemic and prepare us on what is happening in Europe, where we are seeing ups and downs.


“We have evidence that non-vaccinated people transmit the virus more than vaccinated people,” Akhwale said.



Akhwale said that the CS has the powers to take such measures in the country which are enshrined in the Health Act. This is where some human rights are limited.


Government services in which Kenyans have not been vaccinated include education, the National Transport Services Authority (NTSA), immigration, hospital and prison visits, and port services among others.


Kagwe said it would be mandatory for all drivers, matatu conductors, boda boda riders, pilots, air hostesses and Kenyans working in the transport sector to show proof of full vaccination at all times.


“All businesses serving 50 or more people a day will be required to put up signage requiring proof of vaccination before entering their premises and their patrons must be fully vaccinated.”


The measures could also apply to public gatherings, where attendants would be required to present their certificates of admission to be admitted.


Kagwe concluded, “We have given Kenyans until December 21 to receive the vaccine. The more we implement these measures, the more the responsibility for implementing these measures will be on individuals.”


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