Government on principals’ necks as it gives following orders

The government has issued secondary school principals with strict orders before admitting students who are not formally released from their previous schools.



State Department for Early Learning and Basic Education Principal Secretary, Dr Julius Jwan, addressed a letter to all regional and county directors of education insisting that all students should have formal release letters while being admitted.



The statement dated November 9, 2021 indicated that students involved in any form of indiscipline would not be allowed in any other school.



No school should admit a student who has not been formally released by the previous school,” reads the letter in part.



In addition, Jwan directed school boards to hold crisis meetings and find ways of ending school fires as cases intensify.



“Schools should open up accessible channels of communication for adequate and seamless engagement with the learners, including mounting a proper mechanism for addressing grievances arising from students.”



The government emphasized that it would not meet the cost of reconstructing any of the property destroyed.


Further, the Ministry of Education noted that the directive would help curb indiscipline cases in schools.


Speaking during a tour of schools in Machakos County on Monday, November 8, Education Cabinet Secretary, Prof George Magoha, stated that the act of setting school premises on fire was primitive. He added that schools would not be shut down due to increased indiscipline cases.


“It looks mundane and juvenile to burn a building. It is stupid, it’s primitive and must stop. We are not closing any schools,” stated the CS


So far, a number of secondary schools have closed indefinitely following incidences of fires in the schools.

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