Government plans to reduce the cost of Competency Based Curriculum(CBC) By implementing the following policies

The Ministry of Education has given more details on how it plans to implement cost effective measures that will ensure that the Competency Based Curriculum(CBC) would be smooth process.

Fatuma Chege, the principal secretary of the state reform confirmed that the Ministry of education aim is to ensure that the available infrastructure and resources meet the required standards of the CBC curriculum.


She further said schools having low numbers of students would have to share the infrastructure with those having high number of learners which are in the same place. some other schools  would come together and be one.


This would be achieved through using (GPS), Global Positioning system to confirm the proximity within the schools. Through this GPS it will help schools merge like using primary  school  infrastructures to create a secondary schools. This will help the government to only invest in the infrastructure required in the secondary  schools.


Schools that will be neighboring technical institutions would be allowed to use the workshops for their projects work hence saving more funds in the process that will be directed to other use.


CBC has recently received a lot of opposition from  many education stakeholders terming it to be more costly and complex to parents.


CS  of education Pro. Magoha however stood strong and defended it well by saying that the CBC system will greatly help  students develop skills in their relevant fields hence making them effective in their working areas


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