*Happening now: Top girls high school in Siaya on fire*

Over the last few weeks, schools have been burning at an alarming rate with the Ministry of Education unsure of what to do to curb these fires.



Picture courtesy. Image used for illustration.


Some schools have burnt more than once as was seen with Maranda High School this morning and it having to close indefinitely a few hours later and students sent home.


Following that trend, Sinaga Girls High School in Gem is said to be on fire at the moment with a dormitory currently burning at the institution.


The cause of the fire has not yet been established with firefighters from the county of Siaya rushing to the scene.


Sinaga Girls High School is one of the top performing schools in the county and the country as well.


These fires need to be mitigated and the Ministry of Education needs to find a solution real soon before they get out of hand.

It’s uncommon for Girls Schools to burn in the ongoing spate of fires that have been ravaging schools in the country.


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