Head of Institutions given this crucial training, as the Newly employed teachers starts to receive their employment letter. Check out the details

The Teachers Service Commission has been steadfast in ensuring that the teachers get jobs.




However,getting the jobs are based on the number of vacancies available in schools.As usual,the teachers shortages in the country are always on the rise every year.




The Government has however been trying to bridge the gap but it has been very difficult.The ever rising number of form one students in schools is sending signals that thousands of teachers are needed.





The Commission recently advertised some 10,000 teaching slots for both Primary and Secondary school teachers.




These teachers are expecting their letters.However, newskali media team has established that some teachers have started receiving their letters.






As per the roadmap,these teachers are expected to be in schools next week September.




As they expect their letters,the heads of the institutions have began a completely new trainings on the submissions of these new teachers’ casualties.




The heads of the institutions are expected to submit the casualties of the new teachers online this time instead of the hardcopies that they have been submitting to the commission.




This means that the Heads of schools must pull up their socks in their IT knowledge due to the high rising levels of demands in digital literacy.



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