*Hope for all teachers regarding salary increment following the latest announcement*

Years have passed and it’s well known that the Kenyan teacher has been crying for salary increment for a long. It’s good news to our dear teacher as the members of parliament have launched the issue for their Salary increment in the Parliament.


The Alego Asongo National Assembly Member, Samuel Atandi, recommended the implementation of the curriculum and changes in teacher salaries to reduce discipline in schools. “Allocation by the government is not sufficient.” Said the lawmaker adding that there are not enough government subsidies.


Lawmakers say free education is unrealistic in Kenya because parents are making a huge contribution to the school.

Teachers have different monthly totals depending on where they work, even if they are in the same workgroup. The same principle applies to TSC certificates. In the final assessment, the classroom teacher was ignored.


A report by the Salary and Remuneration Committee (SRC) found that recent performance grades were biased towards the principal and the homeroom teacher had impairments. According to the report, 2016/2017 assessment, the current status of teachers in the classroom is significantly underestimated.

We need to boost the morale of our teachers by reviewing their salaries upwards


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