*How to apply the recently advertised TSC jobs 2022*

On Monday 10th January 2022, Teachers Service Commission advertised 154 posts to be competitively filled by teachers.


According to TSC, successful applicants will be deployed to TTC (130 posts) as Senior Lecturers and CEMASTEA (24 posts) as National Trainers.


Here is a detailed procedure of how to apply;


Step 1: Go to official TSC Website by following this link http://www.tsc.go.ke. Hover on the Careers tab and select Teacher-Active Promotions.


The screen will display Job Advert 1/2022 for CEMASTEA National Trainers and 2/2022 for TTC Senior Lecturers.

Step 2: To apply for National Trainer or Senior Lecturer post, click on ‘actions’ and then apply. On the next page that appears, enter your Surname, ID no, and TSC number then hit ‘Continue’.

Step 3: Enter your personal details, academic/professional details, and appraisal ratings(2019, 2020 & 2021).

You will be required to enter your KCSE/KCE/KACE/EAACE mean grade and grades in your two teaching subjects. You will also select relevant qualification and date for the relevant qualification.


Finally, you will select impairment, if any, then click ‘save’.If your minimum grade is at least C4, you will be prompted to finalize your application;otherwise, your application will be rejected on the spot.


Step 4: Attach relevant documents and finalize.You may also apply via teachers online by clicking http://teachersonline.tsc.go.ke

Teachers have until 25th January 2022 to apply. To those who are interested and have minimum requirements, we wish you success.

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