How to check 2020/2021 Form one selection results and download the Form one 2020/2021 Admission letters

The Ministry of Education with the respective stakeholders converged  in Naivasha on Friday last week for the commencement of the form one selection exercise. In which the final result of selection will be out after a period of two from now.

This exercise began after a long wait almost one month after release of KCPE unlike previous years where the exercise would start almost immediately after release of the KCPE examination.

Last year 2020 a total of one million eight hundred thousand(1.8 million) students  candidates sat for KCPE and all these students are expected to get slots  in different secondary schools in the country bearing in mind that there has been the 100% transition of learners from primary to secondary school.

The number of students who scored 400 marks and above was eight thousand and ninety-one(8,091) and all these will be expected to secure slots in top performing National schools. This will also include the top ten students both boys and girls from every sub-county  across the country would also  have an opportunity to secure National  school slots totaling to  3,350 candidates.

Good news is that, as much as for those learners who scored 400 marks and above could secure the National school slots there will still be more slots  remaining vacant to be filled by 21,568 learners who had scored 300 marks and above. This means they will have the opportunity to be selected to National schools.

This trend will continue down as those candidates who scored below 300 marks would also have an opportunity to be selected to county schools. The total number of learners who scored below 300 marks were 100,000. The sub-county schools will also get their shares of learners. This form one selection exercise will always works on merit and regional balance to ensure that all learners get a chance to join a school of choice without any biasness.

How to check Form one selection 2021 for 2020 candidates

There are two ways on how a candidate can check the school in which he or she has been selected to i.e. by short SMS code and by checking online on the ministry website.

To use the short message code process,

  • send the 2020 KCPE index number for the candidate to the SMS code number 22263
  • An immediate response message from the Ministry will  be sent to your inbox with the 2021 form one selection details. 
  • NB- the cost of sending the message to the Ministry is Ksh 25 which is applicable to all mobile networks

To use the Online way of checking the form one 2021 selection details follow the following procedure:

  1. On your browser enter the URL and a window will open up
  2. From opened window, select on online services and click on form one selection


  1. After clicking on the form one selection, a  drop down menu will open up showing the following;
  • Form one selection system for National Schools
  • Form one selection for Extra-county schools
  • Form one selection for County schools
  • Form one selection transfer letter


4. From the drop down menu provided click on one eg. EXTRA-county school selection. 

– A window will open with a link with information to click here to access the placement letter.

5. After clicking on the link, a window will be loaded  with information to  select the          County, sub-county and key in the index number eg. 4302856917 of the candidate. after a successful selection click on submit. The data entered will be  processed and result will be provided.


6.If the the student has been selected to any of the schools the result will be provided              showing the name of the candidate, the KCPE index number, KCPE marks , the sub-county,     the school selected to and the type of the school selected to.

To download the letter of admission, you need to undergo all the above mentioned steps on the ministry website to ascertain if he or she has been selected to any of the schools.

At step 6, one is able to download the admission letter by simply click on the bottom of the page where  find the admission letter message is displayed.

After clicking on the find admission icon, a command will be displayed prompting you to download the letter. Click on download the print the letter directly using the printer connected to the device you are using.

After printing the Admission letter you will be required to take it back to school where the candidate sat for his or her KCPE and be endorsed by the Headteacher.

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