How to check form one selection 2021,how to download the admission letter

From the latest news released by the Education CS Prof. Magoha, the 2020 form ones will begin their first term on 2/08/2021. The reporting dates will be from 2/08/2021 to6/08/2021 meaning the reporting exercise will only be carried out for five days.

Ministry of education said that National schools admitted 17,406 girls and 18, 848 boys adding up to 36,254 students.

The extra county schools also admitted 95,646 girls and 105,431 boys leading to a total of 201,077. County schools  admited 115,325 girls and 98,266 boys adding upto 213,591 students.

In total, 1,171,625 candidates were  placed in secondary schools in line with the government plan to ensure 100%transition to secondary schools is achieved .

How to check Form one selection 2021 for 2020 candidates

There are two ways on how a candidate can check the school in which he or she has been selected to i.e. by short SMS code and by checking online on the ministry website.

To use the short message code process,

Send the 2020 KCPE index number for the candidate to the SMS code number 22263

An immediate response message from the Ministry will  be sent to your inbox with the 2021 form one selection details. 

NBthe cost of sending the message to the Ministry is Ksh 25 which is applicable to all mobile networks

To use the Online way of checking the form one 2021 selection details follow the following procedure:

1.On your browser enter the URL and a window will open up.

2.From opened window, select on online services and click on form one selection

3.After clicking on the form one selection, a  drop down menu will open up showing the following;

  • Form one selection system for National Schools
  • Form one selection for Extra-county schools
  • Form one selection for County schools
  • Form one selection transfer letter

4. From the drop down menu provided click on one eg. EXTRA-county school selection. 

– A window will open with a link with information to click here to access the placement letter.

5. After clicking on the link, a window will be loaded  with information to  select the          County, sub-county and key in the index number eg. 4302856917 of the candidate. after a successful selection click on submit. The data entered will be  processed and result will be provided.

6.If the the student has been selected to any of the schools the result will be provided              showing the name of the candidate, the KCPE index number, KCPE marks , the sub-county,     the school selected to and the type of the school selected to.

To download the letter of admission, you need to undergo all the above mentioned steps on the ministry website to ascertain if he or she has been selected to any of the schools.

At step 6, one is able to download the admission letter by simply click on the bottom of the page where  find the admission letter message is displayed.

After clicking on the find admission icon, a command will be displayed prompting you to download the letter. Click on download the print the letter directly using the printer connected to the device you are using.

After printing the Admission letter you will be required to take it back to school where the candidate sat for his or her KCPE and be endorsed by the Headteacher.

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