*Huge blow to kakamega school parents after court makes this ruling *

The high court of Kenya has ruled that Kakamega High School parents are justified to pay 9,823 each for damages caused by the November 6 arson.

The ruling came two weeks after Justice W.M delivered a ruling stating that the decision made by the board to charge such a high amount for damages had been withdrawn until further notice.

Form one to three students are expected to report from December 5-7.


The parents had complained that the school had set such a high and unfair amount of cash as fine and for repairs without first consulting them.


Some said that they would transfer their children to other schools.


Two dormitories with a capacity of holding close 600 students were completely damaged in the fire.


Luckily, no student was injured. All property was lost since the fire began when students had already settled down for their morning preps and attempts to put out the huge fire was unsuccessful.

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