*Huge blow to parents and students as schools reopens next week following Magoha stern warning to them*

Education Cabinet Secretary, George Magoha, has issued a new directive to all school heads ahead of KCSE and KCPE examinations next year.


Speaking during the inspection of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) classroom construction on Monday, December 27, the CS urged all principals allow unruly students who do not want to be in school to go home.


Magoha emphasized that it was better for the few unruly students to leave school and sit their examinations from home instead of destroying property and disadvantaging the majority of the learners


He further noted that a clique of students were rowdy and that a majority, who are not focused by the press, are willing learn


“I would like you to note that as the media and everyone focuses on 0.1 per cent of schools and learners who are renegade and do bad things, we tend to forget about the majority of teachers and students who are very happy to continue with their learning”


“As we start the new year, my instructions to headteachers is that among the renegade children who want to go home to rest, we shall allow them. If there is a child who doesn’t want to go to school and wants to go and rest with his parents, to take exams from home, let him go. Rather than destroy the infrastructure,” stated Magoha.


“It is actually ridiculous as a child, since they do not want to read and want just to take some unlawful substance, you burn the schools so that everybody suffers,” the CS added.


Earlier this month , the CS dismissed fears that the national exams, scheduled for March 2021, would be rescheduled to a later date because of the time lost when most schools were experiencing arson attacks.


While speaking at Kabarak University’s 17th graduation ceremony, Magoha noted that postponing the exams would not solve the rising cases of students’ unrest in schools.


“The examinations are ready. Candidates should not panic. Let them be calm and prepare for the tests, which have taken into consideration challenges occasioned by disruptions to the academic calendar,” the CS stated.

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