Huge boost to all teachers as president Uhuru directs TSC to do the following

Teachers Service Commission is Constitutionally mandated to manage the affairs of teachers in primary and secondary schools.


Through its Secretariat, the commission registers, hires, Promotes and transfers teachers.

Besides, the Commission maintains the teachers’ payrolls whereby it currently has over 300000 teachers.



Teachers ensure that they file their tax returns promptly after timely payment of taxes to tgeKenya’s taxman.


In appreciation to that, today the president has Feted TSC for being outstanding in tax compliance among the state agencies.


The event Which was presided over in Nairobi saw distinguished tax payers receiving awards for their tax compliance.


Nine different categories of tax payers were presented with presidential distinguished tax payers awards 2020/20221.



TSC paid the highest amount of tax to Kenya revenue authority owing to the fact that the commission has the highest number of employees across the public Service.


In my opinion, the teachers of this country deserve some monetary reward from the government for the good performance.


When Kenya revenue Officials achieved there targets for the year, each employee was awarded with a monetary token equivalent of one Month’s salary.


The government should also consider giving teachers something especially now that the freeze on salary increment has been Quashed by Parliament.



Alternatively, a scheme should be developed to reward teachers who achieve their targets and also are tax compliant.


What are your views on this? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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