Bad News to KCSE 2020 candidates Joining Universities and Colleges as HELB Reveals This About Loans

Hundreds of thousands of 2020 KCSE candidates are expected to start joining universities from today as 2021 September intake starts.



The first years are however staring at tough times as Universities hike the school fees.



The Form Four leavers who had expectations that they would receive Higher Education loans to cater for the part of expenses required when joining first year have received a shocker after Higher Education Loans Board revealed that the freshmen will wait longer for the loans.



This is bad news to the Form Four leavers as many are staring at a bumpy ride to universities and colleges. The freshmen will join their respective institutions without funding from Helb.



128,073 Form Four leavers are expected to start joining Universities from this morning. 193,949 other 2020 KCSE candidates are also expected to join colleges.



The Chief Executive Officer of Higher Education Loans Board Charles Lingera says that the first year students joining universities should expect to receive the education loans in their banks from the beginning of October.



This comes as details reveals that the public universities’ debt has risen to Sh56.6 billion. More details reveals that the student population in the Universities is falling despite rising salaries for the university staffs.



This puts the institutions at a crisis with some of them increasing the fees in order to get enough money. Increased fees especially at the University of Nairobi is expected to hit the freshmen harder.




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