If you are teaching the following subject prepare for a permanent job with TSC next month during replacement exercise of teachers


Any time from now  the commission will announce the replacement job posts  for teachers who exited the profession, retired or died in secondary schools across the country. This exercise will help curb the shortage of teachers that  schools have in the country.



Once Teacher service commission advertises the job posts, candidates who wishes  to do the applications  will be required to do it  online through the  TSC portal and every applicant will  wait  for  the interview dates which will be communicated to them later.



During the recruitment process, the  highest degree of accountability and transparency is shown as it in the Public officers Act and the Teacher service commission code of conduct and Ethics 2015.



Before the exercise of recruitment starts, all the members in the panel who  will be involved in the exercise are inducted on what is to be done according to the CORT 2015 and the employment Act by the Head of the institution.



The Teacher service commission(TSC) county  Directors will put in place strict surveillance to ensure that all the Ministry of Health guidelines regarding the spread of covid19 virus are followed to the letter during the recruitment exercise.



For the teachers who will be  wishing to apply for the advertised post, they will ensure that they are have the following ;

  • MUST be Registered by the commission since all those without TSC numbers will not qualify to apply for the advertised posts
  • For those whose names on certificates are different from the names on National identity card(ID), they must have a sworn affidavit from magistrate as to why their is difference in names
  • For those who re-sat for the  national examinations KCPE or KCSE he or she must provide all certified copies  (by the sub county or TSC county director) of both the certificates during the interview day.



According to statistics from TSC, there is enough information that more than 300,000 Registered teachers are unemployed causing an employment crisis in the country



During the recruitment exercise that will be next month, the following teachers listed below with the subject combinations will be having high chances to secure the permanent jobs with TSC.

Subject combinations  with less number of teachers 



On addition to the above factor, all teachers who will have masters certificates and even first class honors will have an added advantage to secure the job with TSC.




So get prepared for this massive exercise ahead of you.

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