Important details on Grade 5 Exams That Must See Teachers and Students Prepare Well

The changes brought about in the Education system are slowly catching up with the parents,teachers and learners crying foul of the burden.


The CBC curriculum has been giving these groups some hectic times now that the implementation process is headed for junior schools.



The parents have cried of the burden in buying some things required and too much homework for their children at home,the teachers have felt the heat on the huge workloads in schools from evaluation process to filing.



The learners too have cried of the much work in the high number of lessons.The grade five learners are headed for their KNEC assessment tests.



The time table is already out but KNEC is yet to give guidance on how to go about downloading the exams.


Nation Newspaper has revealed that the exams will offer a glimpse of how the pupils will move to secondary schools after sitting their last grade six exams next year.

This means that the grade five exams is going to be very key in the lives of these learners.



The teachers and learners must go back to the drawing board and put a lot of emphasis on the exams.





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