Important! Ministry of Education releases Very crucial information to parents before reopening of schools next week


It is now less than two months for the national examinations to begin as students pursuing craft courses will start their exams in January.


Some subjects will be done from March to April while other learners will be at home. Due to the change in the academic calendar due to the covid-19 national exams will not be done this year as it was usually done.


All students are encouraged to be hardworking and discipline once they return back to school from mid term holiday, they should minimize time loss and focus on productive reading rather than just wasting time demonstrating and burning their dormitories.


From the attached KNEC timetable below students will see the respective dates where the subjects they register will be examined since some subjects are optional.

Revision time is not limited and learners can start making early preparation by doing constant revision so that they will not be involved in exams cheating once the time comes.

I wish all the best to all the candidates

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