Important things the youths who applied for IEBC positions must avoid to secure employment

Various job vacancies were advertised by IEBC last month and all were targeting youths for a contract employment in various positions.


Since the election period is near IEBC is trying to make it structure strong enough by doing what is required of them before the time elapses.


IEBC is seeking to recruit voter registration clerks from all constituencies in Kenya.


Youths are advised to avoid the following,

1.Corruption will not be tolerated and any youth who will be involved will be dismissed from the interview and charged in the court of law


2.documents forgery ,all applicants must present original documents they stated during application, presenting fake or forged documents will cost them as they will be arrested and charged.


3.They should not involve themselves in politics, as IEBC is neutral



Youths are encouraged to turn up in large numbers during the interview to try their luck and they should follow all covid19 protocols to avoid being disqualified.



I wish all the youths success in their interviews. Thank you so much.



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