*Interdicted school principal sues TSC over ‘unfairness’*

A Secondary School Principal who had been interdicted has now sued the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) disputing that the teachers’ body was unfair in their accusations.


Kathiani Boys High School Principal Mr. Nicholas Nyaga who was interdicted on December 15th for accusations of charging illegal levies has sued TSC on grounds that he had not authorized the levies.


The levies Mr. Nyaga was accused of charging at Kathiani Boys were for remedial lessons, which, contrary to the Ministry of Education should not exist.


The case appeared for mention at Machakos court on Wednesday January 19,2022 where TSC applied to have the matter settled out of court.


Speaking to newskali media Mr Nyaga blamed his predicament on boardroom wars involving a member of a prominent family who he said, had instigated his removal.


He said the individual who was a member of the school Board of Management (BoM) had been supplying the school with bananas at exorbitant prices of Sh20 per banana became furious when the supply tender was revoked.


Nyaga said the member warned him that there would be consequences.


The Principal also said the member had served in the BoM a period of five terms contrary to the Ministry’s regulations that no BoM member should serve for more than two terms.


“The said BoM member has been behind the transfer of my predecessors from the school. He is the reason why I was interdicted and unless checked he will continue to interfere with the management of the school,” said Mr. Nyaga


Kathiani Boys High School was established by the late General Jackson Mulinge who served as Chief of General Staff and later as a Member of Parliament for Kathiani Constituency during President Moi’s reign.

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