Intern teachers to reap big following the latest announcement from TSC

Unemployment is a serious problem facing people from all over the world. Infact countries should declare it a global pandemic. Things have become even more worse following the covid 19 pandemic.



Many people lost jobs. Each year, colleges and universities release thousands of graduates to the job market. This number is overwhelming and the job market cannot absorb all of them. Due to this, many people turn to social evils, including theft and prostitution to earn a living.




Education sector is no exception when it comes to problems of unemployment. We have seen graduate teachers who have tarmacked for over ten years without securing a permanent and pensionable job with the Teachers Service Commission. Many have lost hope and others are depressed leading to lose of life.



Recently, the Teachers Service Commission announced 1955 job vacancies for internship. This is just but a drop in an ocean considering the 300,000 teachers who are yet to be employed.



Former intern teachers used to cry about the small salary they used to earn. The Teachers Service Commission heard their cries and promised to do something. Reliable source of information reveals good news about their salaries.



Information reaching us indicate that a secondary school intern teacher who will be employed on internship this September will earn sh. 25,000 from sh. 20,000 and the primary teacher intern will earn sh18,000 from the previous sh15,000.



This good news because intern teachers used to earn peanuts but with this increament, they will be able to acquire basic necessities and even have  something small to save for the future.


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