Introduce corporal punishment to schools at your own risk, CS Magoha Warned

Due to increased cases of unrest in schools due to indiscipline characters of learners, the government through the ministry of education announced early this week  that it has plans to reintroduce corporal punishment in schools.



Most of netizens felt that only the corporal punishment introduction would curb the situation and advised the ministry of education hasten the move. This act has not been received well by one of the tutors.



Professor Ndung’u  Ikenye a lecturer from St. Paul’s University has a different opinion about the corporal punishment. According to him, corporal punishment will not reduce the unrests in school instead it will worsen the situation than before.



Canning students who are indiscipline will only instill fear to them and later affect them in academic performance. Instead prof. Ndung’u advised teachers to only teach learners the right morals and help them chose between good and bad.



“Talking to our learners and children is not at all a way pampering them, it is only showing them the major reasons and helping them know how to chose between right and wrong” Ndung’u  highlighted. He further added that the unrest that has been experienced recently in more than 40 schools is due to high resolute nature of teachers to learners.


“Most learners now think that they are beyond the powers of both their parents and teachers and the high resolute nature is what should be dealt with through honest discussions and not canning” he added


A group of Gatundu North MPs backed his sentiments by saying that there are more ways in which discipline can be revived in learners but not by only use of canes.



“ Tutors were used to holidays which are in recent past rare due to the effects that covid19 brought, they are struggling to complete syllabus time which was lost. Christmas for for instance is not a day but a season in which the government said that schools will break for the festive season on 23rd December 2021 which is termed as a big joke,” said Moses Maingi a parent.



All these reactions from the professor and other parents came out when the government announced its plan of reintroduction of  corporal punishment to schools after proposals sent to them by groups of priests and other stakeholders.


In your own opinion, do you support the reintroduction of canning of learners in schools? What are the possible ways in which discipline can be restored into our learners?. Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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