Its official, TSC advertises 6000 Interniship vacancies for unemployed registered teachers, check out the dates and how to apply

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) employed 5000 teachers on permanent basis  last month.




Although the employment happened, there’s still a gap between the ratio of  leaners to teacher which needs to be addressed. Due to this TSC is planning to employ more teachers on internship basis.



Following the completion of the exercise , approximately 6 000 interns will be re-employed in the 2021/22 financial year.




According to the Communications made on Wednesday, chief executive TSC Nancy Macharia said Treasury had released Ksh 2.5 billion to hire teachers.




Teaching vacancies for teachers at various schools in the Republic will be released on December 2021 and applicants will have to submit their application via the tsc online portal of the application




All the teachers who will get this jobs will be required  to reported to their schools on January 6th 2022 to resume the teaching process.





To reduce the burden on teachers in  the number of lessons due to the 100% transition, Eligible registered teachers who are unemployed will look at job advertisements in December so as to do the application.





According to Nancy Macharia, The teacher service commission has trained more than 100,000 teachers to prepare for the launch of CBC in the 5th grade in July.




She further said that the Treasury has allocated one billion shullings to TSC for the purpose of CBC teacher training.




The Commission was allocated Sh2.5 billion for teacher recruitment  in July by the treasury  despite it  requesting Ksh13.1 billion.




The budget deficit means that the commission will not meet its targets for hiring 25,000 teachers and 12,000 trainees in the next financial year as there is a serious shortage of funds across the country.



Dr. Nancy Macharia  TSC said that they had  already trained 156,000 teachers in CBC primary schools. The implementation of the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) program came to a head after the National Treasury disbursed only Ksh 1 billion and reduced the allocation to Ksh18.7 billion from the teacher’s employer.




A total of 202.8 billion shillings has been set aside for programs to revitalize the education sector in the wake of the loss of COVID-19 in the country in March 2020.




Educational institutions have been closed for nine months due to the disease. Treasurer CS Ukur Yatani also said that Ksh 12 billion would cover 62.2 billion shillings for free primary education, ksh 2.5 billion for teacher recruitment, and free education, including student insurance.




Ksh 4billion shillings is to pay for examination fees for all standard 8 and 1 billion for  form 4 students and a school feeding program Ukur Yatani said




The TSC proposed a Ksh300.5 billion to fund its activities, including hiring more teachers to manage the growing number of students under 100 per cent transition of primary school students to high school.



Applications for Teachers Service Commission (TSC) vacancies are made online only.



In applying for the vacant teaching posts, the Commission will invite qualified teachers to submit their applications online to the TSC Online Recruitment Portal;


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