Kazi mtaani:official list of Shortlisted Candidates for recently advertised jobs



The government has intervened to cool the concern over the ongoing registration of the Kazi Mtaani programme, issuing a fresh directive to the interested applicants.



Launched by Charles Hinga, Principal Secretary, Housing and Urban Development, on Friday, 19 November, the event saw over 7,500 people register within 30 minutes of its launch.



PS Hinga mentioned that the high number of people accessing the website at once pushed the traffic to the limit, causing the system to suffer intermittent breakdowns.


However, he added that the government has increased the server capacity to allow more people to access the portal and ensure a seamless registration process.


As part of the Kazi Matani programme, youths participate in a cleaning exercise.



To cool the anxiety and rush among the applicants, PS Hinga has clarified that the selection of the eligible applicants will be done on the basis of success and not on first come first serve basis.


“We sincerely apologize for the concern over the system breakdown. we are live. Our teams are working round the clock to ensure a better user experience. Try to give as accurate information as possible. There will be a verification process later,” the PS said.




Please note that this is not a first come first served basis, and registration is open for the next two weeks. Everyone will register. Also note that there are many crooks asking you to pay, don’t pay anyone for registration, it’s free.”




PS Hinga said information was missing in some counties but the government is working to restore service.





Within the first 30 minutes of going live, over 7,500 of you had already registered. I think we have some challenges, some of the sub-counties are missing information. No stress we will add it. Remember we have two more weeks to register, so no stress,” said PS.


Additionally, he directed the applicants to ask questions regarding the practice of using the right channels to avoid getting duped.



With some counties missing information, PS has announced that the website will be shut down after making a public announcement to allow the missing tabs to be added.


But we will shut down the system later this evening to update all missing information (time will inform). There is no need to panic again, we have a long way to go.”



So far over 181 people have successfully registered in the last 12 hours. Leading counties are; Nairobi (37800); kiambu (14,900); and Nakuru 9,650.



The third phase of the Kazi Matani program aims at bringing together inexperienced, experienced and semi-experienced youth.




Activities include construction work using appropriate building materials and technology (ABMT), construction of hostels in selected TVETs, construction work to meet the already stalled economic incentive program market, construction work to remove asbestos roofing in government estates Will be included.



The government further promised to ensure that gender balance would be achieved during the recruitment exercise. Also, priority will be given to people with disabilities.




“The selection committee will consist of teams like NGAO, Nyumba Kumi, and technical officers from various agencies,” the PS announced.


Earlier the recruitment process was not online. The aim of the change to use the online platform is to remove any doubts and biases in the process.


To check if you have been shortlisted for Kazi Mtaani, visit https://youth.go.ke/kazi-mtaani/.


Then click on Menu and then select Opportunity, an updated list will be generated on Monday so keep checking for updates

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