KCSE 2020 candidates in furry As The Ministry of education Postpones again the announcement of University Placement Results to tomorrow

The ministry of education has postponed the announcement of the results of University placement to tomorrow.



The announcement was to be done  today but The Ministry of Education has decided to communicate that the placement results will not be announced today due to undisclosed reasons. This arises due to the to a report that was released by 3pm today. 







This announcement has aroused  reactions from  the KCSE 2020 candidates  candidates had  qualified to join university for the academic year 2021/ 2022.




There is no option. They will have to wait for a little bit longer to know their fate. Parents are called upon to set aside funds for their children who are likely to join the first year in various universities across the country merely two weeks from now.



The average amount of money required for a government-sponsored student to join a university as a first-year is about Kshs. 100, 000 which is going to be a challenge to raise within the short period between now and September when they are expected to join.




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