KCSE 2020 candidates to have online classes in universities and colleges as from September

Following the ministry of health reports,the COVID-19 Positivity rate is increasing across the country. This has become a worrying issue to all the netizens as what will happen next.





The government together with the Ministry of Health put in Palace some measures that have been the controling factors , citizens should therefore avoid assumption through washing and sanitizing hands, wearing face masks and maintain social distances.




This has not been the case in some parts of the country. People have decided not follow these guidelines. 




Because of  ignorance, the spread of these deadly cirus has increased greatly for the last few weeks.



This is a blow to higher learning institutions as continuous increase in positivity rate may lead to resume of online learning.This type of learning has alot of challenges.




Expensive since it uses data,requires computer experts,poor network coverage in some areas,some does not have laptop or smartphones, evaluating learners pontentials is hard as some do research while doing exams and even copying of assignments.




Besides,this might affect the admission of 2020 KCSE Candidates to Universities since many have  no ideas on computer leading to low enrollment.



So the KCSE 2020 candidates should be worried about the same. In my opinion, If the Positivity keeps on this way, then they aren’t going to Universities. No physical classes will be held.



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