Kebirigo boys high shocks many schools in Nyamira County as it tops in KCSE 2020 results.

Kebirigo boys high school is an Extra- county school in Nyamira county, located in Nyamira south sub- county along Nyamira- Kericho highway. Following the recently released examination, its results has shocked many schools all over the county by emerging the top school in KCSE 2020 examination.

In the year 2020,the school registered one hundred and ninety-nine candidates(199). The school has attained a mean score of 8.819. The school managed to have 191 candidates join University out of 199 translating it to a 95.98% transition. This was a very significant improvement from the previous year 2019 mean which was 7.312 recording a positive deviation of 1.507

Nyambaria boys high school also had a good result where out of 543 candidates registered in 2020,501 students scored a C+ and above. Among these students, six scored straight A plains. The school had a mean score of 8.762

The neighbouring girls school, Sironga also   celebrated the tremendous result that its Girls posted in the KCSE 2020 examination. The school had a mean score of 8.2 compared to 6.409 of 2020. Out of the 392 candidates registered in 2020,341  qualified to join University directly.

St Charles Lwanga Nyansabakwa also recorded a great improvement in the mean score where it had a mean of 8.07 compared to 5.96 in the 2019. This was a positive and significant positive improvement having a  positive  deviation of 2.11. 88 candidates scored a C+ and above.

St Peter’s Nyakemincha was also among the schools which performed well. It registered a mean score of 8.02 enabling 308 to join University out of the 340 candidates they had registered in 2020.

Many schools also registered a lot of improvements in the KCSE 2020 examination. Mwongori high school got a mean score of 7.315, Nyamira boys 6.7, St. Kizito Nyansiongo 6.3, Nyakongo boys 6.65, St. Pauls Gekano Boys 6.8, Rangenyo Girls 6.2, Nyakeore Secondary 5.6 among other schools.

Prof. Magoha also on monday said that More female candidates were enrolled for kcse exam in 15 counties. Also counties like Turkana County had the highest number of elderly candidates enrolled for kcse while Bungoma had  the highest number of under age candidates. The under age candidates  and over age candidates  performed impressively scoring good grades. Over 143000 candidates qualified to join University directly.

It was also noted that the candidates who has low marks in KCPE 2016 showed great improvements where they had scored minimum university entry grade of C+.  Prof. Magoha encouraged all parents to ensure that students who score low marks and high marks  join secondary schools.

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