Kenya Greatest rapper of all times king Kaka explains the shocking cause of his illness, the main cause will really suprise you

Rapper King Kaka has opened up about his recent tribulations, when several photos of him on the Kenyan interweb appeared weak and sick in a hospital bed.



The rapper says the worst phase of his life began about four months ago when he entered a hospital and was misdiagnosed.



During an interview on Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto show on Tuesday, Kaka claimed that the hospital even gave him the wrong prescription, throwing him into the untold sadness of unexplained illness and worry about weight loss.



King Kaka told Radio Citizen, “I was as sick as four months ago, I went to a hospital and a doctor misdiagnosed me, Mwili ukaanza Kujikula Pole Pole Na Nikaanz Kuloose weight.”



“Ilifika Mahali Nikaanza Kulose weight Pole Pole, mbeleni nilikua  85 But by the time Nilikua  Naenda Hospitali Kulazwa, I was 62kg,”


Kaka, who is not yet aware of the nature of his illness, claims that he did not take any action against the doctor or the hospital as he believed it was an honest mistake.



“Mi hukuanga mtu wa kusameheana sana, nilisema nitafute treatment kwingine, makosa sometimes si mtu anapanga.. unasamehena unatafuta suluhisho kwingine,” Kaka, who recently released Manifest, a music video inspired by the uproar, Says it was his lowest pointof life and he often loses hope.



“Ni wakati ngumu sana, siwezi wish kitu kama hicho kwa mtu yoyote, but support system ni muhimu, family imekua hapo,” the rapper said on Tuesday.


He is grateful for his support system, especially his wife Nana, who was with him the whole time, assuring him that everything will be alright.



King Kaka told Radio Citizen, “Mke wangu amepigana sana, sometimes nilikuwa nalose nguvu, but she kept saying it would be okay, mke wangu alinipea nguwu sana .”



According to the musician, the situation has taught him to be more grateful for all the blessings of life and not to take anything lightly.



The rapper also says that he has recovered and weighs 74 kg.

“Tunapigana bado, niko na machek-ups na madakatari, lucky niko nyumbani na-recover, naweza kukula na nimeanza kurudisha weight, sahii niko 74kg,” he said

“Maombi ya watu ndiyo yatanisadia, na imenisadia,” he added


Kenyan Online was quick to note that the incident resembled musician Jimmy Gait 2019 fiasco with the local hospital.


The singer said that a facility in Nairobi diagnosed his throat condition and advised him to undergo surgery in India.


Doctors weren’t sure if he would be able to sing again after surgery or at all.


However, when they went to India, a doctor identified as Dr Sanjay Khanna explained that it was simply acid reflux, which did not require surgery.


The singer further said that he was shocked that doctors in Kenya immediately recommended surgery before performing any tests on him, suggesting they were only out for his money.



“I’m shocked that a doctor would make money from me instead of giving me proper treatment,” he says.



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