Kenyan Woman Fined Ksh 23k for Scamming Lover’s Fare as Judiciary Issues Clarification

The Judiciary has dismissed reports that a woman has been fined Ksh23,750 for failing to attend an event despite receiving Ksh3,000 fare facilitation from her boyfriend.


Various social media reports indicated that the Milimani Small Claims Court had found the woman guilty in a landmark ruling, ordering her to repay the facilitation.


The unsubstantiated reports further indicated that the court directed the woman to pay the boyfriend Ksh20,000 as emotional damages and Ksh750 as interest accrued to the sent amount.


According to the fake report, the boyfriend accused the woman of switching off her phone after receiving the money, subjecting the boyfriend to emotional torture.



However, the Judiciary flagged the story as fake and misleading to the public.


The Judiciary, led by Chief Justice Martha Karambu Koome, maintained that the case was not heard or mentioned at Milimani Law Courts as indicated.


In Kenya, the issue of people being swindled by their lovers have been making rounds on social media, with many Kenyans lamenting that they have fallen victims.


In 2017, a court sitting in Kisumu ordered an estranged wife to refund dowry to her former husband.


The 45-year-old teacher had moved to court seeking compensation, accusing his wife of eloping and marrying another man.


He argued that he had paid his wife’s college fees and dowry before she left their marriage with two children.


The court ordered the wife to partially refund the dowry.


In 2022, a man from Bungoma also won a case where the court ordered his in-laws to refund the dowry. He had accused his wife of deserting their matrimonial home.


The landmark ruling was delivered by the Kitale Mediation Court that ordered three cows, a she-goat, and Ksh20,000 to be given to him.


He had paid Ksh50,000, three Ayrshire heifers, one cross Ayrshire bullock, one she-goat, one pair of gumboots, and a hat as bride price.

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