*Kenyans Offered Millions in International Challenge to Transform Nairobi, How to Apply, requirements and application deadline*

Kenyans now stand a chance of joining the international realm in a challenge targeting Nairobi entrepreneurs with a reward of as much as Ksh2.8 million for each winner.


Utopia and the World Economic Forum’s new Centre for Urban Transformation launched the challenge which is seeking urban entrepreneurs, investors, and mayors across the African continent as well as Asia and Latin America.


The challenge targets entrepreneurs who are building real-world urban tech solutions that contribute to a better planet, enable vibrant communities, and enhance individual wellbeing.


The successful applicants will be taken through three competitive stages with varying rewards ranging from Ksh 113,000 to Ksh2.8 million per applicant.

World Economic Forum

“There is an interconnected nature to our planet, our communities and our lives. Go on a journey with us. Let’s first look at the city from space and think about its relationship to the planet. Then let’s zoom in to the neighborhood level and think about the interaction of people and life at a community level.

“Finally, let’s focus in on an individual home or workplace and think about how we as individuals live, work and play. Every aspect of this can be improved. We can find more whole and healthier ways to live in our cities and communities,” reads the statement in part.


The cities in the spotlight include Nairobi, Lagos, Kigali, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Jakarta and Dhaka.


How to Apply

Targeted entrepreneurs should run a start-up aimed at improving lives of people residing in any of the above-named cities. The companies should also have a clear business plan with the possibility of scaling to one million customers with Ksh100 million annual revenue.


Applicants are advised to visit urbanchallenge.co/join/ from where they can secure their slots by entering personal information.


It includes their first name, last name, email address, WhatsApp contact and the city they are applying from. The applicants will also be asked to provide additional information about their ventures.


Once entered into the competition, all applicants will have access to content around the cities as well as Ksh113,000 worth of notion points.


Only 80 individuals, however, will proceed to the semi-finalists stage where they will have access to a community of peer innovators and Ksh565,000 worth of credits to get started.


From the pile, eight winners will be chosen who will have access to investors, be profiled on the World Economic Forum’s online platforms and Ksh2.8 million worth of credits to get started.


The application duration runs till Saturday, January 22.

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