Kipsigis Girls High school in kericho County closed indefinitely


The Kipsigis Girls High School in Kericho has been closed down indefinitely, hours after over 1,200 students went on strike, trooping into the streets of Kericho at around 4a.m in protests against the transfer of their principal.


The school principal Julianna Kirui was transeffered to the Moi Girls High School and replaced with Christine Chumba who was previously at the Moi Girls.


The picketting students said the new principal has introduced new programs that they do not agree with, as well as a slew of administrative issues they want addressed.


Officials from the Education Ministry visited the school on Sunday morning.


Early this year, Ms Chumba suffered similar accusations from Moi Girls high school where the school was shut down following a strike that called had called for her removal from office.


The students accused the principal of harassing both students and teachers.


They also addressed various administrative issues such as mismanagement of funds, closure of the school canteen and lack of electricity in the school.


They additionally protested the abolishment of entertainment activities in school as well as a change in the overall school diet.


Officials from the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders have visited the Kipsigis Girls high school to look into the matter.

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