KNEC Instructions to 2021 candidates for computer PP3 Project

The Kenya National Examination Council, Knec, has released the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Instruction and Marking Scheme for Computer Studies 451/3 Project.


As per the latest Knec guidelines, the 2021 computer studies project will be undertaken for a period of 7 months; From July 2021 to January 2022.


KCSE 2021 Computer Studies 451/3 Project Instructions to Schools

Each school presenting candidates for Computer Studies (451) in the KCSE exam will be required to submit two copies of the project instructions. One copy shall be for the Principal and the other for the teacher in charge of the Computer Studies Test Project who shall hereinafter be referred to as the Computer Studies Teacher.



The Principal and Computer Studies teacher should each read these instructions carefully.

Thereafter the relevant information should be sent to the candidates at the earliest so that they can complete the project in good time.


There is only one project. The project is titled “Movers Transport System”. It is important for a computer studies teacher to discuss the project with the candidates and the principal to understand what is required.



KCSE 2021 Computer Studies 451/3 Project Title: Movers Transport Systems

Schools that offer candidates for computer studies are required to provide each candidate with the following:


(a) a computer system

Every candidate will need access to a computer. The computer must be capable of running a database management system. It must be installed in the computer.


(b) access to a printer

Candidates will need a printer to prepare the draft and final printout of their project work.


(c) Removable storage medium (CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW)

Every candidate is required to save the finished project work in his/her storage medium. It will be handed over to the head of the institution along with the printout.


After the candidates are provided with the resources mentioned in (1) above, they should be instructed to keep a logbook of the activities carried out and any other observations made. The record will be used by the candidates for writing their final report.


The project should be completed by the candidates between the months of August 2021 and January 2022.


The scoring guide along with these instructions will be uploaded on the KNEC website portal. Every school should download the scoring guide and make enough copies for all the candidates. The computer studies teacher should assess the projects of the candidates correctly by using the scoring guide.


At the end of each of the two milestones the total score of each candidate will be transferred from the individual assessment sheet to the manual assessment sheet. The list will be entered in ascending order of index numbers in the assessment sheet.


It is the responsibility of the Head of the Institution to ensure that the projects of the candidates are marked and that the marks are correctly entered in the assessment sheet at the stipulated time for each milestone.


Report printouts, soft copies, assessment sheets and reports by the Head of the Institution should be sent to KNEC through the Deputy County Education Director by the end of the second week of February.



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