*KNEC issues new guidelines regarding grade 6 learners leaving parents worried*

Learners enrolled in the Competency-Based Curriculum will not be permitted to transfer schools once they reach the sixth grade.


According to a document issued by the Kenya National Examination Council, under the CBC, school transfers are only permitted for students in Grades 1 through 5.


When students reach Grades 4 and 5, they must go to the sub-county director of education to request a transfer.


When students complete Grade 3, they will also need a special assessment number issued by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC).

This number will be used to aid in the assessment of students beginning in Grade 4.


The assessment number will be used by KNEC to track the learners’ assessment progress throughout their education.


This means that if a student decides to transfer from one school to another, they must keep their assessment number.


Those seeking transfers under CBC at that level—Grade 4 and 5—will have their assessment number used to expedite the transfer process.


The learner’s previous school will receive the transfer request online and click the Accept/Decline button.


When a learner is accepted by the headteacher, he or she will be transferred to the new school.


“Learners not in the KNEC system at Grade 4 and 5 can be registered by both the sub-county director of education and the headteacher,” the document reads.


Grades 4, 5, and 6 will be assessed using the CBC method.


The transition from Grade 6 to Junior High School will be based on a hybrid model involving a combination of CATs (Classroom Assessment Techniques) and KNEC tests under the new curriculum.


Learners in the Competency-Based Curriculum will take a final examination at the end of primary school, similar to KCPE, but the test will not determine their secondary school placement.


Learners will be required to take CATs at the end of Grades 4, 5, and 6, which will be factored into their final grade at the end of primary school.


Each CAT will account for 20% of the final grade. This means that the three CATs will account for 60% of the final score.


The remaining 40% will come from the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) exam, which will be administered at the end of Grade 6.


Headteachers must then access the Competency-Based Assessment via a KNEC portal: cba.knec.ac.ke, using their school’s username and password.

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