Knec reveals the amount of money every teacher marking knec kcse 2022 will be paid per paper. Checkout the category that will benefit more

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) will be inviting examiners to various examination markings centres in Kenya’s capital from distinguished institutions to mark the examination that is set to kick off next week. Teachers are expected to apply for the exercise in various subjects.

Kenya Union of Primary Teachers (Kuppet) has been demanding that the examination body raise the mark fee by at least Sh50 per script, citing the current difficult economic times. Currently the examiners are being paid an amount ranging from KSh 48 to KSh 77 per script.

The price of marking the papers varies on each subject. Examiners marking the English paper are paid between KSh 57 and KSh 77 per script, while those marking Kiswahili papers are paid between KSh 57 and KSh 69.

Geography papers are rated at between KSh 52 and KSh 54 per script, while History scripts get paid at KSh 52 and KSh 55 Business studies and agriculture are rated at KSh 52. KNEC pays an amount ranging between KSh 50 to KSh 52 for chemistry, biology and physics papers.

Other officials facilitating the exercise are paid an amazing amount per day. A Supervisor within Nairobi and Mombasa is paid KSh 695 per day for 18 days equalling to Sh12,510 while those in other areas are paid KSh 630per day totalling to KSh 11,340 for the whole examination period.

Invigilators from Nairobi and Mombasa earn KSh 510 per day for 18 days while those from other regions get KSh 460, while Principals get KSh 500 per day for 18 days totalling to KSh 9,000. Drivers earn a total of Sh6,480 while security officers earn KSh 420 equalling to KSh 7,500 for the 18 days they work.


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