*KNEC Stands Firm On The Grading Criteria system For National KCSE 2021 Exams Despite Efforts By Unions To Frustrate The Process, Here Is The Details *

The Kenya National Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) have threatened to down their tools if it’s teachers will to get pay rise as proposed by the union.




The union has given TSC only 21 days to meet its pay rise proposal demands.




According to the Kuppet Secretary General, the Akelo Misori teachers both primary and secondary school teachers want the non-monetary 2021-2025 CBA to be reviewed so that teachers can get 30% to 70% salary increment.KUPPET now wants the teachers’ employer to return to the negotiation table for dialogue within 21 days.



The two unions KUPPET and KNUT want the Commission to review the last year’s non-monetary CBA to include a salary component.



KUPPET Secretary general Akelo Misori told KTN news on Wednesday that the union has already submitted its proposals to the Commission.


In the proposal to TSC, Kuppet wants TSC to increase the basic salary of teachers by between 30-70% so that the lowest paid teacher will receive Ksh 34,955 to ksh 59,425 whereas the heighest paid teachers will be paid between Ksh 118, 242 and Ksh 153, 715.



On remunerative allowances, Kuppet wants Commuter allowances to be Increased from Ksh 5000 to ksh 8500 and Ksh 16000 to Ksh 20,800.



The union has also proposed that leave allowance to be equivalent of one month salary House allowances should be harmonised across all job groups with township allowance paid to Teachers in urban areas.


And finally, the union wants TSC to increase hardship allowances to be by 50% from Ksh 10900 to Ksh 16350 and Ksh 38100 to Ksh 57150.




Other demands by Kuppet include introduction of overtime allowances for teachers boarding schools and postgraduate allowances for master’s and PhD degree holders.


KUPPET chairman Omboko Milemba noted that teachers are among the lowest paid civil servants in the country despite having a pivotal role to pay in the country.




Opinion. If the proposal does not go through teachers may be forced to go for a strike hence affecting KCPE and KCSE exams.


Education can be defined as the total process of developing human abilities and behavior.




In Kenya education is served in levels currently; at primary school via secondary school and later to the higher institutions of learning and in all the levels, examinations mark the level of intelligence among learners.



At secondary school, the Kenya National Examination Council (knec) conducts the Kenya Certificate of secondary education exams annually to mark the end of secondary education


This year we are expecting the KCSE examinations as from March to early April and we expect the grading system to remain the same like that of 2021 where only seven subjects are graded based on twelve-point criteria as shown below;






We also expect no difference in the minimum direct university entry grade thus it is likely to remain a C+ (plus) of fourty six points across all genders.



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