Latest announcements from the Ministry of Education leaves all BOM in worry


Education is considered the key to success. It is one of the basic necessities of this age. On that note, the government has tried to ensure that every child gets an education.


Since every child is entitled to basic education, the government is not yet in a position to appoint all the teachers who are already qualified.


As a result, most schools take the initiative to appoint teachers under BOM terms to reduce the burden and fill the gap of learner to teacher ratio for all learners till education.


Teachers working under the Board of Management(BOM) have  for long been of great importance in terms of their contribution to schools academic programme across the country.


This category of teachers is likely to suffer a major blow as the government has made it clear that there is no need to cut the amount of school fees paid by parents to secondary schools in this academic year that began on 26 July 2021.


School BOM teachers are in limbo when the government’s scheme comes into effect as they are facing huge chances of salary cuts. This is because the dedication on the part of the students will be greatly reduced, which means that some operations may be paralysed .


In many scenarios, the teachers working under the Board of Management are usually sacrificed by the school administrators whenever there is a cash crunch. Heads of school send some home on several occasions, or even reduce their salaries greatly to ensure that all essential school operations are running smoothly without any hindrance.



On most occasions, BOM teachers are usually employed without a clear record and are usually in situations that are not clear, their fate being decided at any time by their employers. According to the Education Cabinet Secretary,



Professor George Magoha has said that the government has already significantly reduced the fees paid by parents and guardians in this academic year. This is due to the shorter duration of dates, from the typical 39 weeks to 30 weeks. This calendar forms the basis of the logic of the move to reduce the fees paid by the parents.


As we are in the early phase of this academic year, we hope that all BOM teachers across the country are safe and sound in their work centers and are treated well and teachers are motivated to provide services.


Now that the issue of low fees is more than likely to happen, and admissions are expected to be so big for the first time in the month of August, a good number of schools are at high risk of going ahead  to reduce the salaries of this teachers or even loose job.


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