Latest CBC Training dates and venues-2021 announced

The teacher’s  employer Teacher Service Commission (TSC) has eventually released the training venues and dates on CBC(Competency Based Curriculum) for the year 2021

According to the report by the commission, the exercise will  commence on 25th May, 2021 and continue up to 4th June, 2021. The modes of carrying out the exercise will be virtually and face to face so that teachers who will be trained will gather and acquire more knowledge on the CBC education system. The training process will be carried in 5 days.

The Training dates and venues

1. 25/05/202 to 27/05/2021

The venue of the training will be virtual and virtual mode will be used

The training will be for the CSO(s) officers and CBC regular school champions using Microsoft teams. Special Need Education CSO(s) officers and Special Need Education CBC champions will be also included. 

2. 31/05/2021 to 04/06/2021

Face to face mode will be used at the venues. The venues used will be at the zonal levels

Training will be given to teachers from regular primary schools and also teachers from Special Need Education schools

– The virtual trainings will be given to regular Curriculum support officer (CSOs), Special Need Curriculum Support Officer (SNE CSOs), Regular Competency Based curriculum champions and Special Need Education  Competency Based  curriculum champions by the master trainer at the county level. This process will take 3 days.

The face to face training will be for selected teachers from regular schools and Special Need Education schools.

The exercise will be carried at zonal level by the CSO(s) with the help of CBC champions from regular and Special Need Education section under strict Ministry Of Health protocol due to covid 19 pandemic. The number of people in a room will not  exceed 15  to achieve the social distancing rule.

The teachers to be trained will be three that is; the Headteacher of a primary school and two selected teachers from the school. The Headteacher will be from a regular school and another one from a Special Need Education school.

In regular schools one teacher will be from grade 1 to 3 and the other one will be from grade 4 to 5. The same will apply in Special Need  Education school, one from grade 1 to 3 and the other one from grade 4 to 5.

The regional and county TSC Directors will have the outlined purposes  below during the entire period.

i. Invite the Headteachers from both sections(Regular and SNE) for training at County level

ii. Identify  and invite  teachers for the training through the help of their Headteachers in an official manner.

iii. Consider keen selection  of SNE teachers accordingly with the help of the SNE CSOs

iv. Determining a best venue with the help of sub – County Directors and CSOs for training purpose.

v. Facilitate all the venue organisers  with the required resources for the training exercise.

vi. Monitor and provide help in coordinating the whole process and submit a prepared report about the training.

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