Latest list of secondary schools Charging higher fees from parents, all the principals of these schools in trouble of being sacked

When the schools were closed for one week,little did the parents know that they would feel this much heat one week later.



The form one admissions that began on 2nd August has revealed a lot about schools especially the giant schools.




Some Principals have been left to count themselves millionaires against the goverment’s directives.



Education CS Magoha’s directives have seemingly fell on deaf ears.He has gone ahead to instruct the schools to refund the excess levies.Luckily,TSC has now come in to rescue the parents.



It has began punishing the rogue teachers with the show cause letters.



However,it is shocking to note that some schools are even charging more money than the previous amounts before the reductions of the school fees by the government.





Murang’a High School has hit the headlines as the school that is charging the highest fees in the country at Ksh 63,900 followed by Sironga Girls in Kisii at Ksh 55,554.



These affected schools are in for a rude shock from the ministry and TSC.Below are some of the schools that are victims:



Ministry of education has been under pressure to take legal actions against the schools that have been overcharging the extra fees from the parents.



Recently,the Government reduced the school fees by 15%.This greatly relieved the parents who applauded the CS.However,the schools have been defiant.



What’s your take on the Government’s move to reduce the school fees for this academic year?




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