Latest new Mandatory documents from TSC that every Teacher Must Upload when Filling TPADs

Kenya has really transformed ever since the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, and this has affected the way of working both in the private and public institutions, including education.



As Covid-19 has claimed people’s lifes and new way of living to the people since its eruption in the world, the unique cruel tool, TPAD, on the other hand, has claimed most of teachers’ time and freedom of interaction and commutation



It has been a new norm that the teachers have tried to manage and live within the stipulated educational limits that has made them be friends of computers more than people.




The aforementioned unique tool, Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) evolved at the time the teacher was hungry for the salary increament.



The documents that were brought infront of the unions representatives were too sweet that they blindfolded everybody to mainly focus on the financial dwarfism of their pockets, without imagining the consequences that could emerge at a later date.



During the filling of TPADs, teachers are the main interactors of themselves. They have to self-evaluate themselves, giving all that is necessary as per the aspects outlined by the TPAD document, as they practice total honesty while entering the relevant information.




The process also needs relevant items that have to be uploaded as verifiable evidences as per the category, which most teachers do not make them a priority to dowload them.



However, there are a lot of documents and tools that a teacher should give to authenticate that in deed he/she undertook the said activities.




Furthermore, the TSC has also introduced the upload of the teachers’ TSC certificates and the certified documents from school administrators, something that will ease the audit process of knowing who did not participate in the exercise beforehand, and why.




With this, teachers are therefore expected to upload these documents with the urgency that it deserves.



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