Latest New Salaries for P1 Teachers According To The New 2021 August Teachers Salary Scale by TSC

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) fully implemented the final phase of the CBA, the teachers salary scales was revised and was scheduled to be implemented this month, August.



According to the CBA agreement with TSC, there is a rise in the paying of secondary and primary school teachers in different job groups.


Below are the job groups with there corresponding amount.


 Grade D3

Grade D3 teachers are principals of Sub-county boarding schools and day schools. These teachers used to pocket a maximum salary of shs 77, 840 but after the agreement, the teachers will pocket salary ranging between Ksh104, 644 and Ksh125, 573.



Grade D2

Grade D2 are Deputy principals of National schools, and Deputy principals of Sub-county boarding schools. Teachers here previously pocketed a maximum salary of Shs77, 840 but according the new salary scale this group of teachers will pocket an average salary of between Shs 91, 041 and Shs109, 249.



Grade C4

This grade consists of Senior Master IV, Senior Lecturer IV and Deputy Head Teacher II. Previously, this group of teachers pocketed Shs 47, 896 monthly but now they will start pocketing an average salary of between Shs 24,250 to Shs 27,195.


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