Latest news from TSC about Primary school teachers

After the Teacher service commission earlier this month announced that it has plans to employ 5,000 Secondary schools teachers on permanent terms and an additional of 3500 intern in July, primary school teacher were left in dilemma over their fate of employment.

Most of Primary teachers in the country have always yearned to have good pays from TSC for along time. This is because the amount they always get paid monthly is too small to enable them support themselves, their families and even invest.

Sometimes whenever one need to further his or her studies, it becomes a major problem to them forcibg them to find other ways of getting the cash for their fee. They always get loans from saccos and banks

In our country kenya, a primary school teacher falls among the most lowest paid  civil servant. Because of this nature of pay, most of them always desire furthering their studies so that thwy can get the qualifications that the Teacher service commission considers in employing secondary school teachers so that they will have the opportunity of getting good pay.

The teacher’s employer TSC has  laid down some measurable strategies that will see a better reward to teachers who have higher academic qualifications certificates. This will be a major relief to most of the teachers all over the country. 

 For any teacher in kenya to get any promotion, he or she must have good certificates and also good performance for the past years in academics.

The primary teachers with Degree certificates will be promoted to teach in secondary schools so that the problem of shortage of teachers in secondary schools due to the 100% transition of learners from primary to secondary school is atleast reduced.

On addition, the primary teachers who had a mean grade of C plus in KCSE and  proceeded to universities and did any Bachelor degree of Education course will also enjoy the promotion exercise to secondary schools.

This promotion exercise of primary school teachers by TSC will see  a total of 6,000 teachers securing the promotions. 

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