Latest requirements for Registering schools as examination centres by KNEC

  • – The responsibility of registering Examination centres in Kenya is given to Kenya Examination Council (KNEC).

– Registering a new institution to be an examination centre requires the following a must do things ;

a) A valid registration certificate from the Ministry of Education and Teachers Education examination MUST be submitted if one needs to register a school for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education  (KCSE) and Kenya Certificate of Primary education (KCPE).

b)  A report from Technical Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA)  MUST be submitted for the case of business and Technical examination centres.

c) A questionnaire filled completely by the Kenya Examination council or the  sub- couty Director of education MUST be submitted after they visit and inspect the the centre which is accompanied by a report with recommendations on the status of the institution.

– Ensures the application is done and reaches the Kenya National Examinations Council one year before registration of candidates is done.

f) An application for re-inspection is required and a must by the Kenya National Examinations Council once an institution  which is a examination centre decides to  move away from the old premise to a new premise.

– Combination of Examination centres can be  done when  there is need  by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) to make it easily accessible and also in maximum  security to the candidates doing the examinations.

– If a centre is presenting candidates for registration in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) and Kenya Certificate of Primary education (KCPE)  examinations, the minimum number of candidates MUST be fifteen (15),for Business, Technical and Teachers education institutions the  candidates must  at least ten(10) and for the foreign Examination centres there must be at least fifteen candidates

. All these are minimum requirements needed Kenya National Examinations Council.

-When an examination centre presents fewer candidates than the minimum number required, it will not be  considered as an examination centre instead it ia hosted by other examination centres an arrangement done by the KNEC body.

-This tough rule can be easened to  special Needs Education institutions and prisons presenting candidates for KNEC examinations.

-All Examination  centres are required to log on to the Kenya National Examinations Council registration portal to register candidates for a specific examination and enter the students details in the registration process.

-In conclusion, the above discussed are mandatory requirements needed the kenyan body governing the examinations that is KNEC. Before you think of registering your institution as an examination centre ensire you meet all.

Failure to meet all these  your school will not be registered as an examination centre.

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