Latest SRC update on TSC teachers salary increment CBA 2021-2022. Checkout the goodies

Besides teachers’ unions swallowing the bait set by the TSC and going in for a non-monetary Collective bargaining agreement CBA 2021-2025, teachers are now even more confused after TSC CEO confirmed that there are plans aimed at increasing salaries for B5 P1 teachers who are the lowest earners in the TSC ladder technically referred to as T-Scale.


According to Dr. Nancy Macharia, the Commission is willing to effect a pay rise for all P1 teachers at grade B5 amounting to Kshs 6,000 per month to enable them navigate through the obviously tough economic times given the immeasurable demands of life.


According to the CEO, the teachers will get a pay rise of Kshs 6,000 per month backdated to July 2021 to appease them since they seem burdened by the pressures of life.


New Details Emerge on the Impending TSC Salary Increment, Pay Rise December 2021-2022 for B5 P1 Teachers


SRC Chairperson Lyn Mengich has now affirmed that the commission was investigating the entries made by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in regards to the educators’ proposition on their pay rates.


“Kindly note that the commission is investigating the accommodation, the result will be conveyed. We will give orders in the following fourteen days,” Mengich told Nation.



Further, a source at TSC uncovered that the orders from SRC are critical to controlling them on issue with respect to the instructors’ compensations.

The orders from the SRC are the ones to control the TSC, without that correspondence the instructors’ manager is really vulnerable,” the source expressed.


Union of Post Primary Teachers (KUPPET), Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and Kenya National Union of Special Needs Education Teachers (KUSNET) have been discrediting the postponement of the exchange interaction of the CBA bargain.


The complaints prompted KUPPET Secretary General Akelo Misori giving a seven-day strike notice to the TSC on Thursday, June 3 referring to that educators would down their instruments in the event that they didn’t get pay additions or advancements.


“Instructors expect nothing other than a compensation audit this year. We have assembled that TSC was exhorted by the SRC, however TSC has not imparted the warning to us,” Misori expressed.


Among the requests Misori fronted to the TSC incorporates a 70 percent pay ascend for educators .


TSC has been in constant disagreement with KNUT and KUPPET more than a few major questions in regards to the government aides of the instructors.


KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion has been at the front line blaming the commission for devastating the association and not managing the instructors’ complaints.


“TSC ought not place us in the crash course with the public authority, and disturb the mechanical harmony in the showing administration by taking part in wicked and illicit methods of considering, arranging and executing the CBA,” he expressed during a past meet.



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