Latest updates from the Ministry of Education on Form one selection process

The  pupils who sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) for the year 2020 on March as from next week  will  be able to know the secondary schools they have been selected to. This is the information that Prof. Magoha gave  to the public on Monday  during the handing over ceremony of the Agricultural laboratory Building Annex to  the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT).

This selection process started last week on Friday in Naivasha Nakuru County. The stakeholders in charge from the Ministry of Education and ICT Ministry are the one who are having a close look on the exercise so that  fairness is applied to all learners in terms of secondary schools they will be selected to.

The cabinet secretary of Education Prof. George Magoha said that the process was  still underway and by 15th July,2021, all learners will start receiving  their admission letters from the secondary schools they will be selected to.

For the National schools and Extra-county schools,  a minimum number of 300 students will be selected to join the schools. Prof. Magoha  further assured all the 8,091 learners of KCPE 2020 who scored 400 marks mark that they will be selected to National schools.

The process of selecting students to Extra county schools and National schools will majorly rely on pure merit, their schools of choice and the availability of admission slots available in each of the schools.

Last year the number of  Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidates Sat for the examination was 1.18 Million. According to the available data from the Ministry of Education there are only 33,009 slots available in National schools, 188,454 slots only available in county schools, 184,816 slots only available  in Extra-county schools, 669,145 slots only available in sub-county schools and 777 slots only available in special need schools.

From this data, it is very evident that there will be a huge problem for all day schools. The days schools are going to carry all the burden of the remaining students  as they will be forced to admit them totaling to half the total population of candidates who sat for the KCPE 2020.

This half the population of the 2020 KCPE candidates will include 586,886 candidates who scored 201 marks to 300 marks and the262,307 candidates who scored 101 marks to 200 marks.

Prof. Magoha  further assured all learners who sat for the KCPE 2020  that they will get an opportunity to be selected to secondary school of their choice. He also warned principal from National schools from carrying the form one selection exercise before the start of National selection exercise advised them to only select the learners who selected their schools in relation to the KNEC data.

As schools will be struggling to control the spread of covid19 virus by operating in line with the MOH protocols, the government through the Ministry of education assured all schools  that  funds will be disbursed to schools in preparations for the form one admission come July 26th.

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