List and number of Police Officers who have been Declared Unfit to Serve in NPSC


So far, at least 800 police officers have been identified to be Unfit for service under the National Police Service (NPS).



An appraisal report said the officers could not discharge their order of law-keeping due to various medical and psychological reasons.



Speaking during a medical evaluation of police officers in the Central Zone in Nyeri on Wednesday, 27 October, National Police Service Commission Vice-Chairman Alice Otwala noted that many of those found unwell were either injured in bandit attacks or had lost their limbs or eyesight. .



Many of the officers we found unwell were either exposed to bandits, disabled during accidents or were either suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes, he said.


Otwala further revealed that the commission is trying to assign other responsibilities to the officers and make them aware of the insurance cover policies.



We are profiling them to advise them on insurance cover or recommend other duties to be performed,” Otwala said.





Police officers have been on the spot in the recent past because of cases of brutal murder or suicide of their associates and members of the public.



To counter this, the commission has appointed 59 counselors specifically to take care of the physical needs of the officers.


“Right now we have these counselors who will soon be transferred to all 47 counties to ensure that all our officers with mental problems are supported before it is too late. This will reduce cases where mental Some officers suffering from the disease have gone on a shooting spree,” Otwala said.




Two days ago a police officer attached to Masalani police station had allegedly blew himself up with a grenade.


According to Ijara Sub County Police Commander William Oyugi, the officer had a heated argument with his girlfriend. An enraged officer allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death before detonating the explosives.


Referring to this, CS Interior Fred Matiangi confirmed that the government is committed to addressing the challenges facing the police sector.



A technical team was also formed from Kenya Defense Forces (KDF), Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), National Police Service (NPS), and Kenya Prison Service (KPS) to realize the reforms in the security sector.




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