List of schools which have reported cases of dormitory fire in the last 12 hours

Kenyans have been left in utter shock after the recent surge in school fires that has raised questions on the safety of the school-going children and what should be done to curb the menace that has threatened to derail secondary education in the country.




With the Ministry of Education urging calm as the sector tries to come up with amicable solutions, the rise in demos and fires in schools with students claiming of the congested academic calendar has also resurrected the talks of the abolishment of boarding schools.


Even though the Government has responded to this menace by changing the calendar and introducing midterm breaks, the continued fire incidents have raised eyebrows on the best solution forward.


For instance, in the last 12 hours, a total of 4 schools have experienced fires namely Maranda High school in Siaya County, Mwala Girls High in Machakos, Nambale in Busia and Cheplaskei in Uasin Gishu.

What should the government do to curb this problem in our schools


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