List of Teachers Who Should Be Exempted From The covid Jab

Covid-19 pandemic has been a greatest threat to the country’s economy.Kenyans are currently undergoing through the hard economic times due to the pandemic that has robbed many Kenyans their jobs and wealth.





The Government is trying its best to keep the virus at bay but seemingly,the virus is not leaving soon.




The Delta variant is causing more trauma to the nation with new infections proving to be more dangerous.Yestderday,the infections rate was above 14%.The Government has now thought it otherwise with the frontline workers.



The civil servants have until Monday next week to get themselves vaccinated or face disciplinary action



.TSC issued a circular to teachers this week for them to go for the jab before Monday.The teachers have complained of why they are being forced to go for the jab yet it should be voluntary.




As much as TSC is forcing all the teachers to get the jab,some teachers should actually be exempted from the vaccine



.There are those teachers who have some serious underlying conditions such as diabetes and stroke amongst other traumatising complications in their bodies.




These teachers have been suffering in silence and are likely to get more traumatised by being force to go for the jab.



TSC should not force this group of teachers who are already suffering.However,it is good for teachers to go for the jab.





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