*loaded school Calendar For teachers,parents and learners 2022 that everyone should know about . Checkout more details below and get prepared*

As we usher into year 2022, everyone feels refreshed to start afresh with new year resolutions.

Teachers employed by the teachers service Commission have opened the year in a strange start as we get into third term, which is a very rare occurrence.


However, all Teachers are bound to have four hectic experiences this year, especially with the learners.


Remember it is in this year where there are going to be two national exams in history. There will be a Kenya Certificate of Secondary and Primary education exam in March and in December.



Moreover, there will be general elections in the month of August, an event that is very unpredictable. Should all work peacefully, then the school calendar wont be hurt but should it go the usual way of election disputes, then the school calendar will be greatly hurt.




Still in this year, the Kenyan government has set a target of Covid 19 vaccine reaching 10million.


This means that its an year that will be loaded with activities. Besides this, sports activities in secondary schools have returned, which means they have to be incorporated. This not withstanding that the world cup is also set to happen this year.


Lets hope that all will be well and that learning activities will flow smoothly. God bless you.



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