*Magoha Finally Speaks On School Reopening Dates As Covid-19 RatesOf Infection Continues To Rise, Here is what every parent and teacher should know to get prepared*

Kenya is now faced with other phase of Covid-19 as positivity rate continues to spike every day. Since the time Covid-19 infections was reported in Kenya, any rise of covid-19 infections caused school closure for an indefinite period of time.


Following the high rate of Covid-19 infections now in our country, education cabinet Secretary professor George Magoha has finally spoken on the reopening dates of schools.


Speculations have been moving around on social media platforms claiming that schools might not reopen as scheduled but Professor George Magoha has stated that all schools are going to reopen as scheduled in the school calendar.


Education cabinet Secretary professor George Magoha stated no matter how Covid-19 infections rate is going to be, all schools are going to resume their learning next week as scheduled.


Therefore, parents, teachers and students have been urged to prepare themselves adequately for reopening of schools as planned.



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