Major requirements in CBC and their important use that parents should know about and make them available to kids at all times

The Competency Based Curriculum seems to be there to stay despite parents’ and stakeholders’ push to have this new system disbanded. In this article, maybe your kid or school have been requesting you to purchase certain items. And because many parents never used them, they struggle to understand the use of these so many new demands.



Scrap Book

This is a manila paper made book, usually an A4 or slightly larger than A4. A scrap book is a artistic work space. Learners use it to stick works or art and stickers drawn from day to day’s activities.

In a scrapbook, learners can stick for eg. modes of transport, foods and so many other group of items taught in class. It is a good storage space of stickable works of art.

Learners using scrap books in class
Portfolio Folder

Parents have also been so many times to purchase Portfolio or Pocket folders, either 10, 20 or even a hundred pockets. Portfolio Folder is a storage space for written and drawn activities for future assessment. Unlike the scrap book, learners don’t stick works to it but rather insert their work into the pockets of the folders.

Assessment Book

These are mostly given in schools, since most school customize the covers to bear their names. Assessment book is a replacement of previous report books and forms. It is where children scores and progress are recorded for end academic year evaluation.


Assessment books shows learner’s progress in certain learning areas, therefore helping teachers and parents realize learners areas of interest and potential early enough to start nurturing them.



In all parents should be prepared to provide all these learning materials to their kids at all times to enhance the smooth running CBC curriculum.


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